Interesting Facts

-GWTW won 10 Oscars in 1940, and only trails Ben Hur, Titanic, and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, which each received 11.

-GWTW grossed 25 million dollars at the box office it's first year, and is one the highest grossing movie of all time adjusted for inflation.

-Hattie McDaniel was the subject of a number of racist restrictions, not being allowed at the premiere and having to sit separately at the Oscars. Clark Gable was so infuriated by the former event that he only attended the film’s premiere at the urging of McDaniel, who told him to go anyway.

-Victor Fleming, director of GWTW, also directed the other classic The Wizard of Oz in the same year.

-Gone With The Wind is the second most published book after the Bible.

-Margaret Mitchell expressed her casting preference in a letter to Macmillan. Her choice for Scarlett was Miriam Hopkins and her choice for Rhett was Charles Boyer (but for his French accent).

-Gone With The Wind is a unique Civil War movie because it does not show any battle scenes, only the effects of the war.

Selznick Pictures, which filmed GWTW, calculated that if all the dialogue from the book were spoken in the movie, the film would run 168 hours.

More people welcomed the stars to the Atlanta premiere than fought in the combined Civil war armies of Hood, Johnston, and Sherman. The sidewalks on December 14, 1939, overflowed with an estimated crowd of 300,000.

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